23' Grand Pirate Ship


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Product Overview

23' Long Grand Pirate Ship

Our 23' Grand Pirate Ship offers so much fun for adventures on the "high seas" of your imagination. This commercial playground is sure draw a crowd to your establishment and captivate the imagination and energy of kids small to large. Swing, slide, and pretend sail on this wooden wonderland.


  • 23′ Long x 8.5′ Wide – 15½’ High at the Stern
  • With Wave & Tube Slide 29′ L x 16′ W (Swing Beam + 12′ Width)
  • Stern section size (when you go through the rear door) is 6′ Wide x 4′ Deep
  • Middle section (this is when you get off the gang plank is) 7′ Wide x 11′ Long
  • Top Rear Section (Steering wheel area) is 5.5′ Wide x 4′ Deep
  • At the front of the ship the TOP (The triangle section) it is 8′ Long x 5′ Wide
  • At the front of the ship the LOWER (triangle section) it is 6′ Long X 4′ Wide
  • Mast is 15′ Tall


  • Mast
  • Ships Wheel
  • Faux Decorative Cannons (non-working)
  • Crows Nest Faux (non-working)
  • Decorative Anchor
  • Gang Plank
  • Entry Ladder
  • Interior Step Ladders
  • Shown in Natural Gray and Honey Stain
  • Stain and Water Sealer 
  • Free Toys of Your Choice


Playset Size (base unit):

23′ deep x 16′ wide

Space Needed (base unit):

32′ deep x 24′ wide

Playset Size (with slide and entry):

33′ deep x 18′ wide

Space Needed (with slide and entry):

44′ deep x 28′ wide

Add-On Options

  • 3-Position Swing Beam 
  • 10' Wave Slide
  • 14' Slide
  • Working Water Cannon

Contact us to fully Customize all options.

Shipping and Free Assembly

We will contact you within 2-5 business days after your order to schedule delivery & confirm color selections.

First 100 Miles Ship FREE. This includes many locations in PA, MD, DE, & NJ.

Leave the work to us! Price includes free assembly in your backyard so you can play the same day. No mess & no fuss. All site preparation is the responsibility of the consumer.

Made in the USA

We only use the best materials sourced in the USA to build your Play Set.

Rust-resistant Hardware.

Premium USA-sourced vinyl for vinyl sets.

Nylon swing bearings for a long, "quiet" life.

Durable, strong sliding boards for safety, comfort and quality.

Strong & environmentally friendly #1 or Better Southern Yellow Pine milled on all 4 sides with rounded corners to reduce the chance of splinters. This results in an extra-smooth finish for all wooden products.

Structural Strength

We believe the strength of the structure starts with the part you hardly see and don’t think about. Our first level floors have 16’’ on center (or less) ground contact treated 2×4 joist for a solid foundation for the structure. Each set is handcrafted by skilled Amish woodworkers.

  • Wider Bases
  • Engineered with Safety in Mind
  • Outdoor Quality Pine to reduce warping

20+ Years Experience

Backyard Playstations and Kinzerbilt brands have been making backyards more fun for more than 20 years as a family business.

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