Five Senses

Babies come into this world with a blueprint for imagination. They know mom by her unique scent. Their eyes twinkle with wonder and little faces soon learn to smile and laugh in response to their adoring caregivers. Soon tiny hands and feet get busier even as they start to taste anything within reach. And whether they can verbalize it or not, it always seems there is more going on in their minds than we will ever know. We watch with wonder as they find a blade of grass fascinating and play endlessly with the most modest of materials. Dirt and sand seem to be their absolute favorite. Tiring us out with questions, kids seem to find an angle on life that is certainly inspired by their intuitive genius. img-6827.jpg

We buy or build many things to accommodate their eager minds and stretching limbs. No one has to tell them to play; running is never something to check off their list; and no distance seems too short or long for a sprint. How many of them learn to climb even before they can walk? It seems the whole world is their playground and their imaginations are a spark to ignite infinite adventures.

Charlotte Mason philosophized that this business of children’s play is a foundation for everything they will ever learn. Children’s work is essentially play. Their brilliance naturally grows with each opportunity they have to expand their neural freeway through their five senses. Gap Swings exists to provide the backdrop for future adults in their kids-sized playful ambitions. We invite you to explore our website to hopefully create a new backdrop for the imagination of those kids near and dear to your heart.