Site-Prep Basics


A beautiful backyard starts with a well-thought-out plan. Planning ahead for years of fun will help to make the process easy without headaches later on. Read on for our best tips and tricks to make your backyard the new favorite destination.


Look for solid, level ground such as grass or dirt as the landing spot for your new play area. If you have a sloped yard, don't worry. With a little attention to detail, you can level it yourself.

  1. PERIMETER: Your first consideration is the room kids need to run AROUND the play area. We know kids love to run and top speeds don't always mean slowing down is easy. We suggest at least 6 feet of clearance on all sides to give adequate room for more than one child to swing and slide.
  2. LOOK UP: pay attention to any power lines or telephone wires that could extend over the height of the playground. Tree limbs and roof overhangs should also be taken into consideration. 
  3. UNDERGROUND: stay away from underground utility lines, septic tanks, and sprinklers when deciding where to place your new set.
  4. SUN = HEAT: placing the sliding board in a north-facing position is better to avoid the surface getting too hot.
  5. SAFETY: make sure to avoid placing near roads or other dangerous areas. This might seem obvious but it's worth mentioning.



A level site and strong base is the single most important aspect of your new installation. With a little attention to detail, you can easily do this yourself if you have a fairly level yard. Here are the basics:

  1. MEASURE: stake out the four corners of your perimeter, adding an extra 6 feet to the perimeter of the playground.
  2. LEVEL: tie strings to stretch between the stakes, then pull strings tautly between the stakes. Use a line level on the strings to double-check that the strings are level.
  3. MEASURE FROM THE STRING TO THE GROUND: this will help you determine how much soil to remove or take away.
  4. EXCAVATE: if your base is fairly level, this can be done with a good old shovel and rake. Remove excess soil until you have a level surface.
  5. DOUBLE CHECK: place your level on a 3' long board to double-check that you have a level surface.
  6. PLANT: if necessary, plant new grass seed in the areas where you removed soil and give it time to grow.
  7. INSTALL: Congratulations! You are ready to set up your new playground.