Tugboat 5100


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Prepare for Big Adventures Aboard our Toughest Little Tugboat with a Not-So-Puny size. Kinzerbilt realistic looking Tugboat 5100 playground boasts 68 square feet of play deck with Full Swing Set and Slide to boot. 

Explore the roofed cabin and turn the ship's wheel. Find your way below deck and splash into the sea from the main level exit. Take a couple moments to sore on the swing, and then find your way up again running up the gang plank and be sure not to slip off deck if the weather is bad.

check out our YouTube video link at the bottom of the page for a real life view!

  • Ship: 13’ x 7’ 6’’ wide x 9’ high (approx. 68 square feet of deck)
  • 27’ wide x 17’ deep with Swing Beam


  • Gang Plank
  • Entry Ladder
  • 30″ High Deck
  • 5′ Deck Pilot House 45″ Ceiling
  • Interior Step Ladders
  • 10′ Wave Slide
  • Swing Beam 8′ Height
  • 2 Swings
  • Plastic Safety Glider
  • Spot Light and Bell
  • Shown in Grey and Red Stain
  • Your Color Choices 

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review